JargonFree Benefits in the Press

16 May 2014

While Jargonfree Benefits is a new company and a new brand it already has high recognition within the financial services community in the UK. The press coverage we receive means we punch well above our weight. We have this week changed the Home Page of the JFB™ website to reflect this and you will see we are already beginning to get the Jargonfree name into articles in the national press. We want Jargonfree Benefits™, Jargonfree™ and even JFB™ (all terms we now own European-wide trade marks for, by the way) to become well known brand names associated with auto-enrolment and workplace benefits in the UK. As a big boost to that we are pleased to be able to let you know that we are one of the sponsors of the 2014 Pensions Report that will be distributed with the Sunday Telegraph this weekend (18th May). It will be the first time our logo will appear in the national press along with an opinion piece calling on government to widen-out the scope of auto-enrolment (the Sunday Telegraph’s readership includes over 3,000 senior officials in national government). This coverage will put our name and opinions in front of a readership of over 1,450,000 many of whom will be company directors who will, of course, be interested in auto-enrolment. The Telegraph is the number-one quality newspaper for directors and Telegraph readers do not just skim content they consume it with purpose. Once the Telegraph Pensions Report is published our JFB™ licensee firms will have the right to distribute copies of it to clients and prospective clients; we have secured the copyright permissions to do that and we will provide you with the means to do so once the report is published.